TMZ Sports has obtained and released a Snapchat story format video taken outside the V Live club in Dallas. In the video at least four gunshots can be heard, although it is unclear who fired them or where they came from.

TMZ says it obtained the video from someone who was aware of an incident inside and started recording from nearby location. The video cuts out as soon as the four shots are fired.

The edits to the video, TMZ says, “were made by the person who recorded it, not TMZ. We’re told the video remains in sequential order.”

According to TMZ, the video does “sync up” with the investigation surrounding the gunshot injury Broncos cornerback Aqib Talib suffered at approximately the same time.

What does not sync up is information that Talib reportedly gave police that his injury occurred elsewhere.

Adding to the complications in the story are additional reports that Talib’s injury was “accidental” and potentially self-inflicted.

Talib was not listed on the police incident report as a complainant in the shooting that occurred at V Club, but his reportedly included in a separate and possibly related incident report whose details had not been released as of 1:00 p.m. MDT on Monday.