The duo of Phillip Lindsay and Royce Freeman has been an above-average backfield combination for the Broncos, but Devontae Booker has never offered the team much offensively and should be elsewhere or out of the league in 2020.

Not only will the Broncos have to replace Booker, but it makes sense to replace him with a more capable running mate for Lindsay and Freeman, as Denver’s current lack of depth at running back is hurting the team.

The Broncos have proven to be hesitant about making Lindsay the focal point of the offense because they’re worried about wear and tear. Adding another slashing runner behind him might make the Broncos more willing to give Lindsay touches.

It should also be noted that Lindsay has struggled mightily in the passing game, holding the team’s second-lowest receiving grade, worst drop grade and worst pass-blocking grade. Meanwhile, Freeman doesn’t possess the top-end speed necessary to be a threat through the air.

Who could Denver add to spruce up the position? Let’s take a look:

Cam Akers, RB, FSU

Projected round: 4th-5th

You likely have heard the name Cam Akers before. Not only was he the focal point of one of college football’s blue blood programs the last few years, but he was one of the nation’s most coveted recruits just four years ago, graded as the third-best recruit by 247Sports.

That being said, Akers would likely be a traits-based pick, as his college career has been a disappointment, but it could pay off in a big way for the Broncos. Look no further than Stefon Diggs, who was ranked higher than Amari Cooper coming out of high school, only to disappear in college, slide down the draft boards and reappear in the NFL.

Overall, however, Akers likely wouldn’t be a good fit for the Broncos. Like Lindsay, he struggles mightily as a pass blocker, and his hands fail him often. He has the upside to be an elite back in the league, but he also has the risk of being a colossal bust. Plus, adding another running back is a bit of a luxury for the Broncos, and one they might not be able to afford in the fourth or fifth round.

Ke’Shawn Vaughn, RB, Vanderbilt

Projected round: 5th-6th

Ke’Shawn Vaughn appears to be one of the best fits for what the Broncos would want behind Lindsay and Freeman.

His playing style is very similar to Lindsay’s though he’s shown much more upside as a pass-catcher. Quickness is the first word that comes to mind with Vaughn. He shoots through holes in the line like a rocket and has no problem carrying that momentum straight into an attempting tackler.

There are apparent problems with Vaughn, though. He needs some more development, especially in regards to his vision and patience, and he’s quicker than he is fast, but his potential upside and fit with the Broncos are hard to ignore.

Vaughn could be a perfect fit for Rich Scangarello‘s zone-based scheme, could instantly become the Broncos’ starting third-down back, and could even replace Lindsay if the Broncos opt not to re-sign him when his contract is up. But like Akers, there’s plenty of risk involved.

C.J. Verdell, RB, Oregon

Projected round: 5th-6th

The player that most resembles Phillip Lindsay in this year’s draft is C.J. Verdell. That’s both a good and a bad thing.

The positive side is the Broncos could add another undersized, fast, explosive running back that is a perfect fit for their zone scheme. Verdell consistently plants his foot and makes defenders pay with his speed and elusiveness. The Broncos could use more of that in their backfield, either as Phillip Lindsay insurance, or to give Lindsay a break without losing the element his speed provides the offense.

However, the concerns that exist with Lindsay — his pass blocking and receiving ability namely — also exist with Verdell. Like the Broncos’ star running back, Verdell isn’t afraid of contact or blocking, but his size makes him vulnerable to both. Unlike Lindsay, he has a hard time breaking tackles and fighting through contact, yet he seems to seek it out.

Also, with just 14 receptions this season Verdell hasn’t shown much of anything — good or bad — in regards to pass-catching, which may be the most important trait for the Broncos to add at running back.