Which Denver Broncos defensive back leads in interceptions in 2022?

NFL: Denver Broncos Minicamp
Jun 13, 2022; Englewood, CO, USA; Denver Broncos cornerback Pat Surtain II (2) during mini camp drills at the UCHealth Training Center. Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Broncos defensive backfield features a variety of playmakers heading into this season. One goal for the secondary is to generate more takeaways in 2022, which players will lead the team?

Our MHS Broncos staff continues their roundtable series focused on the defensive backfield.

Which Denver Broncos defensive back leads the team in interceptions?

Cody Roark’s pick: Justin Simmons

Justin Simmons is my selection to lead the Broncos in interceptions in 2022. For two consecutive years, Simmons has led the team in interceptions with 10 combined. His knowledge of the game combined with his rigorous film study of opponents puts him in a position to be where the football is. He’s the pick until somebody else dethrones him.

Zach Segars’ pick: Justin Simmons

Justin Simmons feels like the safe bet here. He has a long track record of being a ball hawk, playing a lot of snaps, and his role in the defense positions him to tally interceptions.

Rich Kurtzman’s pick: Patrick Surtain II

This is a toss-up between Justin Simmons and Patrick Surtain. But, for the sake of his personal growth and the health of the team, let’s go with Surtain to lead in interceptions. He’s quickly becoming a known quantity on an island but some will still want to challenge him and see if he’s the real deal. That will result in many picks for the young, growing star.

Lindsay Bebout’s pick: Patrick Surtain II

Patrick Surtain had a phenomenal rookie season, and I think his sophomore season is going to be even more impressive! He had four interceptions last year, which was only one less than Justin Simmons, who lead the team in five. In 2022, he will surpass that number.

Which Broncos defensive back leads the team in lowest passer rating allowed?

Cody Roark’s pick: Patrick Surtain II

Patrick Surtain should lead the Broncos’ secondary with the lowest passer rating allowed in 2022. Last season as a rookie, he was targeted 96 times and allowed 49 total receptions in 17 games totaling a 51% completion percentage. However, teams didn’t have much success targeting him last season, where QBs targeting Surtain averaged a 61.3 QB rating.

Zach Segars’ pick: Patrick Surtain II

This is a very tricky metric to project, but it generally reflects stickiness in coverage, so the burgeoning superstar lockdown cornerback—Patrick Surtain II—is the only logical choice. Simmons is a beast, but this metric always dings the safety position.

Rich Kurtzman’s pick: K’Waun Williams

Let’s go with a newcomer here, K’Waun Williams. It would certainly be a boost to the defensive backfield if he did lead the team in the category.

Lindsay Bebout’s pick: Justin Simmons

While Surtain is clearly about to have a massive season, it can’t be ignored what an amazing player Simmons is. Last season against Simmons, quarterbacks had a passer rating of only 66 and threw for only three touchdowns. These stats have continued to improve every season that Simmons has been in the league.

Which Broncos defensive back leads the team in passes defensed?

Cody Roark’s pick: Ronald Darby

With Patrick Surtain’s emergence last season and team-high 14 passes defensed as a rookie, Ronald Darby will lead the team in this category in 2022. Darby has 87 passes defensed in his career and could see more targets in 2022 if teams decide to avoid Surtain’s side of the field.

Zach Segars’ pick: K’Waun Williams

We’ll go with the sleeper pick of K’Waun Williams here, purely because it’s hard to see Surtain getting targeted a ton this season, and Ronald Darby has injury troubles. Williams’ gritty play style will also help.

Rich Kurtzman’s pick: Patrick Surtain II

Last year Surtain edged out Simmons 14-to-12 in this department, and I’m going to again lean on Surtain to lead here.

Lindsay Bebout’s pick: Patrick Surtain II

2022 is going to be the year of Surtain! As just a rookie, he lead the team in this category last season, and I fully expect him to be the repeat stat leader.

As the Denver Broncos prepare to report for training camp on July 27, there is strong optimism about the high quality of talent the Broncos defensive backfield possesses heading into this season.