The Denver Broncos have many options at their disposal for the No. 5 overall pick on Thursday. A potential trade up to get top-level talent. Trading down to stock pile picks or simply, staying put and selecting a top-level talent.

The Mile High Sports AM 1340 | FM 104.7 radio team dishes on what they think will happen when the dust settles after Thursday night.

David Hurlbut – Host of The Morning Huddle. Weekdays 6-7am

I can see the Broncos doing any number of things. The No. 5 pick overall is a wonderful asset and I can see a number of things happening with the pick. From trading back, taking a quarterback, drafting Barkley if he’s there, a pass rusher is NEVER a bad idea, but in the end, grabbing the best lineman and strengthening one of their biggest weaknesses of the last 5 years by taking Quenton Nelson is the pick.

Nate Lundy – Co-Host of Morning’s at 5280. Weekdays 7-9am

What I want them to do: Trade out for additional picks, but that requires a dance partner willing to do it and the willingness to move enough assets to make it worth the Broncos while.

What I think they will do: Draft Bradley Chubb to give Von Miller his own dance partner.

Benny Bash – Co-Host of Morning Mayhem. Weekdays 9-11am

Elway knows that Case Keenum is simply a band-aid on an open wound. The 2 year contract proves this as well. The quarterback position and future face of the franchise for the Denver Broncos needs to be addressed in the 2018 draft. Limited quarterback talent in 2019 and a rare situation of picking in the top-five this year should nearly force Denver to solve the quarterback now.


Kent Erickson – Co-Host of The Joe Williams Show. Weekdays 1-2pm

The Broncos should swap picks with the Giants to jump the Jets to take Mayfield. If they don’t, the Browns take Chubb at 4 and the room can’t come to a consensus on Allen. They move on to Nelson and the void of a franchise quarterback remains the discussion well into the future.

Sean Walsh – Co-host of Walsh and Notaro. Weekdays 2-4pm

I think that Denver trades down. There are plenty of needs this team has to address. I love Mayfield and Allen; however, it really seems unlikely that Denver would select a QB after signing Keenum and Lynch still being on the roster.

Eric Goodman – Co-Host of Afternoon Drive with Goodman and Shapiro. Weekdays 4-6pm

I think the Broncos would take Mayfield or Darnold if available at No. 5. If not, I would expect them to trade with Buffalo because Josh Allen is expected to be there. It’s my understanding they really like Allen.

Ronnie K – Producer of Afternoon Drive with Goodman and Shapiro. Weekdays 4-6pm

The quarterback starved 2019 draft means the Broncos should pick up a potential face of the franchise now, as opposed to later. I prefer Baker Mayfield or Josh Rosen.

I would avoid guard and running back at No. 5 overall and absolutely use the pick. It’s rare that you get to pick this high. Unless you’re robbing a franchise of future first-round picks for the next 3-4 years (no team is dumb enough to make this deal…maybe) you take a potential franchise altering player and because they need one. Quarterback should be the pick — however I highly suspect a trade down.

Connor Cape – Co-Host of The Connor Cape Show. Tuesday through Thursday 8-10pm

I think the Broncos watch how the first few picks unfold. If Darnold and Mayfield are gone by No. 5, I think Elway takes advantage of a needy team by trading down a few slots and pick up Harold Landry or Denzel Ward. However, they should draft Rosen at 5 and call it a day.

Ronell Hardin – Co-Host of The Connor Cape Show. Tuesday through Thursday 8-10pm

The Broncos use the No. 5 overall pick to get best player available. Chubb, Nelson or Mayfield. Trading back doesn’t make sense for a team with 10 draft picks.

Geoff Girsh – Co-Host of Home Grown Sports. Tuesday through Thursdays 10-12am

Piggy back off the Garett Bolles pick last year and grab the best offensive lineman in this draft. Quenton Nelson from Notre Dame is a no-brainer. Protecting Keenum is crucial and a strong offensive line will give Case an extra split second to throw the deep ball which he loves to do. Shore up the offensive line and the entire offense will benefit significantly.

David Johnson – Co-Host of Sports Destiny Radio. Saturday 1-3pm

It’s not often you get a top-5 pick in the NFL Draft, especially if you are a team like the Broncos who are historically a winning franchise. Keep the pick and if Bradley Chubb is available, take him and give Von Miller another friend to rush the passer with.

Saif Khan – Co-Host of The Wheelhouse. Sunday 8-10am

With the release of C.J. Anderson and the others failing to step up in the backfield, I think the target will be Penn State’s Saquon Barkley. He definitely could be gone by the time the Broncos pick, but to jumpstart the Broncos threat on the ground would be too valuable to pass up.

Joe Rico – Co-Host of The Final Word. Sunday 10a-Noon

The Broncos will trade the No. 5 pick to Buffalo and get a ton of picks back, particularly Buffalo’s 12th and 22nd. With pick No. 12, they’ll select Josh Jackson — the corner back out of the University of Iowa, and with the No. 22 overall pick, they’ll select Will Hernandez — guard from UTEP! That’s “the Final Word.”

Alex Ramirez – Co-Host of The Final Word. Sunday 10a-Noon

Even after Elway announced that he’s “open to trading” the Broncos No. 5 overall pick, I believe he’ll draft the best player available at No. 5 and that won’t be a quarterback.

The Case Keenum formula to win is now, the last thing Elway wants is another quarterback controversy. I wouldn’t be surprised if he trades out of the No. 5 overall pick to stock pile more assets, because the harsh reality of the Broncos roster being more than just one player away from going to another Super Bowl is very real.