Tuesday, September 25, 2018

It’s June and there are plenty of reasons to enjoy the Colorado Rockies!

It's been a long time since baseball was relevant in late June, and it feels so good!
Colorado Rockies

Colorado Rockies making progress, sign 30 out of 41 draft picks

The Colorado Rockies continue to make progress with their newly drafted rookies, signing 30 of their 41 selections
Jose Reyes

Kansas City Royals interested in acquiring Jose Reyes

The Jose Reyes era in Denver has ended, but the Rockies still need to decide on how they're going to part ways with the former All Star. Apparently, the Royals may be willing to help
Jose Reyes

The Rockies got it right with Reyes, and now it’s the MLB’s turn to...

The Rockies did the right thing with Jose Reyes, and now it's the MLB's turn to do the right thing with the Rockies and help them eat the contract

The Rockies have been streaky, but there are positives to glean

The Rockies are starting to look better, but they've been here before. Jason Hirsh talks about what they need to do to be more consistent.

The Colorado Rockies have the best and most-underrated lineup in baseball

The Rockies have continued to stay hot in large part due to their offense, which could potentially be the most fearsome lineup in the MLB.

Carlos Estevez is the closer the Rockies need

With Jake McGee dealing with injury, Carlos Estevez has stepped up and taken the reins as the Colorado Rockies closer.

The Rockies remain “white hot,” go full Backstreet Boys en route to Miami

After remaining "white hot" against the New York Yankees, the Colorado Rockies go full Backstreet Boys on trip to Miami

The Rockies’ best hope in trading Jose Reyes is the Mets

The Rockies are in a position to satisfy themselves and Jose Reyes, as well as help boost the Mets.

With sweep of the Yankees, Colorado Rockies remain in playoff contention

The Colorado Rockies downed the New York Yankees 6-3 Wednesday and their playoff hopes continue to look better and better