We all know that Broncos defensive end Derek Wolfe is good at laying the smack down — he’s a guy that told Tom Brady he was going to “Eat his kids.” But this past weekend, Wolfe was caught using his hands to throw punches at a Denver nightclub.

Despite speculation that he could end up on the receiving end of a Roger Goodell suspension, No. 95 seems to have lucked out. According to the Denver Post, the Denver Police have confirmed that no one reported the incident, and that unless a complaint is filed, no charges will be brought against the Broncos’ star defender.

Broncos vice president of public relations Patrick Smyth said that Wolfe has already met with the team and that the issue is being “addressed internally.”

Likewise, the NFL has said that they won’t pursue any punishment at this time.

“We take a look at any such incident,” NFL Spokesman Brian McCarthy said, via the Denver Post. “But it doesn’t appear on its face to be something that would lead to league discipline.”

That doesn’t mean the story is over, though. If Wolfe made contact — and there’s no evidence that he did — the man on the receiving end of that haymaker would have plenty of reason to reach into Wolfe’s newly enlarged pockets.