With all the rumor and speculation flying about regarding the Denver Broncos quarterback situation, it seems as if Brock Osweiler knows exactly what he wants. And according to Bleacher Report’s Jason Cole, that’s to be a Denver Bronco.

And why wouldn’t he? Not only has he already been here for four years, but there’s no other franchise that can offer the type of opportunity the Broncos can. Osweiler just saw this team win a Super Bowl with defense alone; why wouldn’t he be able to do the same?

And the two-year deal makes a lot of sense. It gives Osweiler the opportunity to bet on himself.

Even if Osweiler were to get the Sam Bradford contract, that’s not nearly as much as he’d make if was considered a bonafide franchise quarterback. In this day and age, a franchise quarterback gets paid $20 million a year at least. If Osweiler believes that’s what he is, a franchise quarterback, then a short-term deal allows him to show the league what he’s got and then cash in a few years down the line.

And if there’s any organization that will give him the best opportunity to prove his worth, it’s clearly the Denver Broncos. He knows the offense, he knows the coaching staff, he has elite weapons around him and the defense alone will ensure that the team is competing for the playoffs every year.

Osweiler may be the Broncos best opportunity to repeat, but the Broncos are also Osweiler’s best opportunity to get paid. Seems like the perfect marriage.