Saturday, February 16, 2019

Tag: Broncos

Death by Inches: The brutal lesson learned by division-rival Chiefs

Ronnie Kohrt on the latest Broncos Blitz podcast talks about 'death by inches,' which will be what Denver will want to avoid as it bites their division rival at the worst time.

Vic Fangio, on Broncos’ franchise legacy: ‘I like coming to a...

Broncos head coach Vic Fangio discusses the team’s legacy and situation... and his struggles with finding a new Italian restaurant in Colorado.

Cold, Hard Truth: The Next John Elway (not the original) now...

The quickest way to compete with the Chiefs is to somehow find an elite quarterback to match Patrick Mahomes. But every team in the NFL is trying to do that.

2018 Season Review: Tight end among biggest questions Broncos must answer

Will the Broncos be content with their deep stable of tight ends, or will the Broncos look to upgrade via the draft or free agency?

Evaluating Denver’s new-look coaching staff

With the coaching staff pieces coming together; evaluating the Broncos new-look staff on the latest Broncos Blitz podcast.

NFL Network’s Brian Billick, on his former assistant-turned-Broncos-head-coach Vic Fangio: ‘He’s...

NFL Network's Brian Billick says the Broncos made the right hire in Vic Fangio.

Von Miller hints at hopes for Antonio Brown after sharing his...

Von Miller took to Instagram to share Antonio Brown’s catchphrase; appearing hopeful that the Broncos might land the Pro Bowl receiver.

Kyler Murray: Eyeing the Heisman Trophy winner’s possible fit with Denver

Kyler Murray to Denver? How realistic is it and how much better would the Broncos truly be if they took the stand-out Oklahoma quarterbacks? Broncos Blitz podcast host Ronnie Kohrt breaks it down.

Why the Broncos should be all in on Kyler Murray

Looking at Oklahoma's Kyler Murray and whether or not the Broncos should select him with the tenth pick in the NFL Draft.

Vic Fangio preaches fundamentals, offensive balance in unique way

Vic Fangio speaks, everyone listens; Broncos Blitz podcast host Ronnie Kohrt breaks down Fangio's first press conference as Broncos head coach.