Friday, November 15, 2019

Tag: Josh Allen

Josh Allen’s pro day impresses, but answers few questions

Allbright, on Allen: "What everyone wanted to see was that bazooka, the cannon -- showing it off and hitting a guy in stride -- and he ended the throwing session doing that. On the run, mind you."

Reaction from Josh Allen’s pro day in Wyoming

Josh Allen throws for the world -- and tries to throw it around the world -- during Wyoming pro day.

With the fifth overall pick in the NFL draft, the Denver...

After the dust settled from the Jets-Colts trade that landed New York in the draft's top three, the Broncos' situation becomes clearer.

Broncos Blitz Podcast: How the Jets’ trade alters the Broncos’ plans...

How does the Jets' trade to No. 3 overall effects the Denver Broncos' draft strategy moving forward?

Broncos Blitz: Quarterbacks sizzle at the NFL Combine

The 'Broncos Blitz' goes in-depth on the quarterbacks of the future -- and determines who fits Denver the best.

Vance Joseph has quarterbacks on his mind at NFL Combine

Vance Joseph discusses quarterbacks -- both rookies and veterans -- at the NFL Combine.

Former GM Casserly likes Cousins for Broncos, but finds Rosen a...

Former Washington GM Charley Casserly debates the merits of the rookie quarterback crop.

Time to Lay Up: John Elway shouldn’t play the draft like...

John Elway is Roy McAvoy. The NFL Draft is his 18th hole.

Lessons from the Senior Bowl, Denver’s new obsession

There's a whole lot of stock being put in the outcome of an exhibition football game played with wacky rules, almost no practice time and a revolving door of personnel.

Broncos Blitz podcast: Pros and cons to coaching the Senior Bowl

Vance Joseph and his staff got a firsthand look at many top NFL prospects while coaching the Senior Bowl, but that could make them blind to some players' shortcomings.