Sunday, August 25, 2019

Tag: Ian Desmond

Rockies bruised by Brewers in first attempt at revenge, fall 5-1

The good times ended on Monday for the Coiorado Rockies who ran into a buzzsaw in the form of their postseason nemesis, the Milwaukee Brewers.

Offense cruises, pitching stutters as Rockies fall to Braves in series...

The Colorado Rockies lost to the Atlanta Braves, 8-7 Sunday afternoon after the bullpen was unable to protect a late lead.

Rockies trounce Padres for second straight win

The Colorado Rockies defeated the San Diego Padres 5-1 backed by solid offensive production to earn their second consecutive victory. Colorado now sits at 5-12 on the season. 

Rockies becoming the calamity that few expected, swept by Dodgers

The Colorado Rockies have had a rough start to the year, a troublesome start that got worse Sunday night thanks to another rout and injury to a key hitter.

20th and Blake Podcast: Where the Rockies stand after two more...

Topics include the lack of production at the plate for the Rockies, the injuries that are holding them back and future transactions that may be possible to solve their woes. 

Takeaways from Rays’ brisk dismissal of Rockies behind Snell

The Colorado Rockies woes continued Tuesday night with another loss on the coast, falling prey to a dominant outing from the Tampa Bay Rays' Blake Snell.

Rockies taking large chances in several areas with lack of acquisitions

In regards to players they lost in both Adam Ottavino and D.J. LeMahieu, with veterans Carlos Gonzalez and Gerardo Parra also moving on, the Rockies were also relatively stagnant. After an offseason filled with more loss than gain, the Rockies incurred the biggest deficit in three key areas.

MHS Roundtable: How will Spring Training shake out for the Rockies?

While results in exhibition games often have little bearing on a team's success in the regular season, the Rockies staff took a look at the storylines that have crept up.

Opinion: Ian Desmond’s move to center field is setting the Rockies...

Without context, the move makes sense for the Colorado Rockies. A deeper look into the organization shows why the move is a band-aid solution.

Outfield begins to take shape for the Colorado Rockies as Blackmon...

The Colorado Rockies outfield is starting to take shape as Charlie Blackmon will move to right field this season.