This Wide Wide Sports-less World is something else, eh? It only took about one week of sans-sports-living to realize just exactly how much we watch, consume, enjoy, discuss…need sports.

It’s been rough.

If there’s been a silver lining (outside of Tiger King), it’s that plenty of sports outlets have become very creative in their efforts to deliver us sports. One of my favorite ways of doing this has been the repurposing of “retro” content – classic games, moments, performances.

And there’s no reason Mile High Sports can’t get in on the fun. In an attempt to take a trip down memory lane, we’re proudly presenting “The Cover Story” – the tale of Mile High Sports Magazine as told through each and every cover. Now, we’re going to shake things up and present them in a somewhat random order, but at the end, we’ll give you, the reader, a chance to vote for your favorites.

So, for the next several weeks, while we’re all cooped up inside, check in in often at and check out The Cover Story. We’ll post every cover and perhaps some behind-the-scenes tales behind a few.

If you missed anything, here’s a full archive of each post:

March 30th: Shannon Sharpe, Pablor Mastroeni and Martin Truex Jr.

April 1st: Carmelo Anthony, Eric Decker & Demaryius Thomas, Mike MacIntyre

April 2nd: Renee Herlocker, DeMarcus Ware, Nolan Arenado

April 3rd: A history of Summer Adventures

April 4th: Justin Wilson, Shane O’Neill & Dillon Serna and Nathan MacKinnon

April 5th: Jack Elway, Troy Tulowitzki & Carlos Gonzalez and CAM & Ralphie

April 6th: 2006 was a rough year

April 7th: Stephanie Smeltz, Willie B. and the Trivia Issue

April 8th: Arnold Palmer, Carlos Gonzalez and Phillip Lindsay

April 9th: Buddy’s Bunch, Jay Cutler and Kenneth Faried

April 12th: Jake Plummer, Kyle Orton and The Preps Issue 

April 13th: Barrel Man, Brandon McManus and The Rodeo All-Stars

April 14th: Carmelo Anthony, The Sign and the Preps Mascots & Peyton Manning